Codycross World of Sounds Group 1358 Puzzle 5

World of Sounds Group 1358 Puzzle 5 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1358 Puzzle 5 of World of Sounds? Here you have the answers:

Pearl-shaped semolina wheat grain


Alternative name for a garment’s turtleneck

Polo  neck

Stephenie meyer’s 2005 novel


Fao schwarz is a famous example of this

Toy  store

In a bendy way


In football, used to restart play after a foul

Free  kick

Unit of weight that is one tenth of a gram


Communion given to someone who is dying


Megan __ plays karen walker on will & grace


Poisonous purple wildflower


Second-largest city in hungary


Batman villain known for his white face paint

The  joker

Another term for a turtleneck, popular in the uk

Polo  neck

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