Codycross World of Sounds Group 1354 Puzzle 3

World of Sounds Group 1354 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1354 Puzzle 3 of World of Sounds? Here you have the answers:

Punk band, american idiot

Green  day

Strongly scented garden flower


American car brand with the pacifica


Carl, swedish botanist who classified animals


Burial site for kings built by felipe ii: el __


__ on the shoulders of giants


__ lighting, turning all lights out in theater


Capital city and chief port of jamaica


Star of comedy central’s review


Part of a chicken’s ovoid that isn’t the yolk

Egg  white

Transformation of someone’s hair and face


Sleeping place for a visitor

Guest  bed

Dutch dancer and courtesan accused of being a spy

Mata  hari

Les misérables and bride wars actress, anne __


To dawdle, to waste time pointlessly


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