Codycross World of Sounds Group 1351 Puzzle 3

World of Sounds Group 1351 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1351 Puzzle 3 of World of Sounds? Here you have the answers:

Small group that controls a country or business


Device that orbits a planet to collect information


German romantic opera composer giacomo


Walking silently à pointe, in childish speak

Tippy  toes

Victorian horse-drawn vehicle for hire

Hansom  cab

Light white cake made of flour, sugar, egg whites

Angel  food

Western india city in gujarat


Rain gutter extension to the ground


Mammal, also known as a groundhog


Conan doyle book about search for dinosaurs the __

Lost  world

Nordic noir series with detective saga norén

The  bridge

A slight and short fever


Kangaroo court event

Show  trial

Cue-featuring game


A factual account of a period of history


Glass sphere with a christmas scene, sprinkles

Snow  globe

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