Codycross Tracking Time Group 1060 Puzzle 1

Tracking Time Group 1060 Puzzle 1 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1060 Puzzle 1 of Tracking Time? Here you have the answers:

The first emperor of france


Reveal, e.g. a plot twist or a film’s ending

Give  away

Colleague, especially in the us


Star of the 1941 film topper returns: joan __


An item of scientific study and examination


Female performer in a big musical revue


Imagined links between ancient landmarks

Ley  lines

Circular movement of hips, like with a hula hoop


Us state whose capital is frankfort


Swinging part of a clock


Us state at the northern end of route 66


Golf contest first held at worcester in 1927

Ryder  cup

The princess diaries author


Frozen treat served on a stick


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