Codycross Tracking Time Group 1042 Puzzle 4

Tracking Time Group 1042 Puzzle 4 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1042 Puzzle 4 of Tracking Time? Here you have the answers:

Wookiee from star wars


Brewer of old peculier from masham, yorkshire


Firework used to mask one’s exit

Smoke  bomb

Embossed design in high-quality paper


Clot, like blood


Black ink, on your hands when reading a paper


Device used for observing the sky at night


International term for electric lighting equipment


Advantage bestowed on a particular group


Escape the bear and fall __, suffer a worse fate

To  the  lion

Region around the south pole


Drawing or painting with small dots or specks


Financial protection on one’s health or car


Spanish pop duo behind dancefloor hit macarena

Los  del  rio

First they’re sour, then they’re sweet; __ kids

Sour  patch

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