Codycross The 90s Group 1127 Puzzle 4

The 90s Group 1127 Puzzle 4 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1127 Puzzle 4 of The 90s? Here you have the answers:

Played with rackets and shuttlecocks


Board game featuring the character cavity sam


Red fizzy drink made from stone fruit


Teasing term for sensationalist online articles


The standard for comparison to measure progress


Individual tights without top support


System where flags are used to send a message


Mammal with an armored shell


Sea __, coastal bush yielding orange-red berries


This poet wrote “ode to a nightingale” in 1819

John  keats

Boundary made from stacked boulders or rocks

Stone  wall

Korean national park located outside seoul


Bruce springsteen’s third studio album

Born  to  run

Measurement of how easily a fluid flows


Tv show where three moms rob a grocery store

Good  girls

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