Codycross The 90s Group 1121 Puzzle 2

The 90s Group 1121 Puzzle 2 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1121 Puzzle 2 of The 90s? Here you have the answers:

Food with bread as the base and meat in between


Rope-pulling contest

Tug  of  war

Famous card brand, send the very best


Emotions or things that make us laugh, cry


Cares for a child when the guardian is out


Disney film with buzz, woody, and rex

Toy  story

Old __, famous geyser in yellowstone national park


Shoe company known for their all-stars


Two digits in sign of approval

Thumbs  up

Intense temperature, even higher than red

White  hot

Those who renounce a cause solemnly


1993 spanish dance and song by los del rio


Idea of a bad world, setting for novels like 1984


Students need this to leave the room during class

Hall  pass

Stephen curry is known for this in basketball


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