Codycross Street Fair Group 1317 Puzzle 3

Street Fair Group 1317 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1317 Puzzle 3 of Street Fair? Here you have the answers:

Branch of medicine that studies glands


Animated film with elijah wood as a penguin

Happy  feet

Shakespeare play with imogen, leonatus and cloten


Dental procedure that ends with a crown

Root  canal

Made less strong


Initial peck on the lips

First  kiss

“new york, new york” is in this 1944 musical

On  the  town

Two-wheeled vehicle with power


Italian bell tower such as at pisa


Dinks over the tennis net

Drop  shots

Lithuanian dynasty founded in 1386


Legal drinking age in the united states

Twenty  one

Perpendicular to latitude


Hiawatha’s fictional lady love


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