Codycross Street Fair Group 1313 Puzzle 3

Street Fair Group 1313 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1313 Puzzle 3 of Street Fair? Here you have the answers:

Mocking way of saying the opposite of what’s true


__ street, moscow avenue once called gorky street


They spark cars into use


Extremely large or fat


Big igneous rock extending into the earth’s crust


Singing together


Sharp, cutting humor and insight, like a sword

Rapier  wit

China piece with lid that holds sweeteners

Sugar  bowl

Land-based branch of the british military

Royal  army

Heavy woollen short coat

Pea  jacket

Wassily __, russian artist formed der blaue reiter


It means new stone age


In golf, another term for “double eagle”


Looney tunes’ romance-seeking french skunk

Pepe  le  pew

Diamonds, sloping squares


Us singer who starred in scream series

Kiana  lede

British medical corps for land-based military

Royal  army

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