Codycross Prehistory Group 1249 Puzzle 3

Prehistory Group 1249 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1249 Puzzle 3 of Prehistory? Here you have the answers:

Pig with the revolutionary speech in animal farm

Old  major

1984 nintendo game played with a gun controller

Duck  hunt

Another term for hair straightener

Flat  iron

Polish pope, born karol wojtyla

John  paul

Someone who writes symphonies and concertos


The fugitive and blade runner actor, __ ford


Imaginary line between the north and south pole


Plastic laminates


Holiday resort in south-east cyprus

Ayia  napa

A glove of armor worn by knights


Og female justice league member with wings


Formaldehyde and water solution for preservation


Try out for a role in a play


Not a chance, over my __

Dead  body

Ghost shark of deep ocean waters


Its last stop on the lv strip is the mgm grand


Polish pope who was the second, born karol wojtyla

John  paul

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