Codycross Prehistory Group 1242 Puzzle 4

Prehistory Group 1242 Puzzle 4 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1242 Puzzle 4 of Prehistory? Here you have the answers:

Study of the origin and history of words


Michael __, host of eponymous chat show of the 70s


Female children


Drawing for a house design


Text arranged to form a related image


Me __, 2016 movie starring emilia clarke

Before  you

Spindle buttons and loops on uniforms


Sea, islands that are southeast of florida


Venetian gondolier song


Home with a low-pitched roof and exposed beams


The posts that hold bow sails on ships


Common translation of seize the day in latin

Carpe  diem

Variation of “piece of cake” with different dessert

Easy  as  pie

Game also known as noughts and crosses

Tic  tac  toe

Surname of france’s famous leader napoleon


Mental and physical health

Well  being

Athletes form the university of texas at austin


Clapping and singing game played with a child

Patty  cake

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