Codycross Mexico Group 1374 Puzzle 5

Mexico Group 1374 Puzzle 5 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1374 Puzzle 5 of Mexico? Here you have the answers:

First female us attorney general

Janet  reno

Ice cream flavor with chocolate and marshmallows

Rocky  road

Footloose and __

Fancy  free

Colorful term for an aristocrat

Blue  blood

Austin powers actor and creator

Mike  myers

Unit of frequency shortened to khz


Use of smart but unsound reasoning


Highest price an ebay buyer is prepared to pay

Best  offer

The center point of a galleon


Denesuline canadian


Dark suit with thin pale lines


National animal of finland

Brown  bear

A type of writing for making quick notes


Doctor who, house of the dragon & the crown actor

Matt  smith

Book focusing on the statisical side of baseball


Madame butterfly in the opera

Cio  cio  san

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