Codycross House of Horrors Group 1116 Puzzle 4

House of Horrors Group 1116 Puzzle 4 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1116 Puzzle 4 of House of Horrors? Here you have the answers:

Woody green vegetable also known as sparrow grass


In a harmful way, with damaging effects


Chimpanzee historian in planet of the apes


Position that wins the game of chess


Allergic reaction to pollen: excess __ production


Evening out with a husband, wife or partner

Date  night

Chemical element used in semiconductors, symbol ge


Mr coover’s sticky invention sold as eastman 910

Super  glue

Name of musical family in tv series 1970-1974


The opposite location of where santa lives

South  pole

Tennessee theme park owned by singer parton


To travel around the world; anagram of goblet rot

Globe  trot

Medical determinations


St. louis’s mlb team named after red birds


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