Codycross House of Horrors Group 1109 Puzzle 1

House of Horrors Group 1109 Puzzle 1 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1109 Puzzle 1 of House of Horrors? Here you have the answers:

Clumsily, with lack of social graces


Garden feeding post to attract feathered friends

Bird  table

Footwear hung over a fireplace at christmas


Hill in athens that is the site of the parthenon


The first line of shakespeare’s hamlet

Whos  there

Fit furniture or car seats with cushions/stuffing


Percussion instruments once made from oil drums

Steel  pans

Skilled movement and manipulation of the hands


Kids can’t move if they get caught in this game

Freeze  tag

The final slow smooch and twirl of an evening

Last  dance

Type of “knife” that’s a multipurpose utility tool


State whose capital is named for 4th us president


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