Codycross House of Horrors Group 1103 Puzzle 3

House of Horrors Group 1103 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1103 Puzzle 3 of House of Horrors? Here you have the answers:

Spread, scatter


This iconic new york city bridge opened in 1883


Breakfast cereal promoted by tony the tiger


Marine creature with spiral shell, leaves a trail

Sea  snail

Kids think they’re under the bed


__ kick, swinging kick in an arc


Under __, collaboration for queen and david bowie


Representation of a theatrical set, built to scale

Model  box

Wrapped wounds in gauze


__ house, where nursery rhyme king assesses money


Street for toronto’s annual greek festival


Daniel’s mentor in the karate kid movies

Mr  miyagi

Flavored ice or ice cream on a stick


Hero that first appeared in action comics in 1938


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