Codycross Hobbies Group 1405 Puzzle 3

Hobbies Group 1405 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1405 Puzzle 3 of Hobbies? Here you have the answers:

Marilyn monroe’s character in some like it hot

Sugar  kane

Water power generation of under 5 kw

Pico  hydro

Japanese carp streamers used as windsocks


Businessman who ran for us president in 1992, 1996

Ross  perot

Widely used calendar introduced by pope in 1582


Group of western islands columbus stumbled upon


A person’s life story written by another


Insect with two pairs of transparent wings


Colorful decorations on cupcakes


Piece of furniture used to display printed volumes


Metal cases to hold gemstones in rings


Marvel comic hero, alias reed richards, mr. __


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