Codycross Comics Group 1072 Puzzle 5

Comics Group 1072 Puzzle 5 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1072 Puzzle 5 of Comics? Here you have the answers:

Pay monthly to use a service


Wu-tang member formed a duo with redman in 1994

Method  man

Christian festival marked 40 days after christmas


Island on which the dodo once lived


Ready-to-strike pose used in kung fu and taekwondo

Cat  stance

Parts of letters that are taller than the x-height


Alvin, simon and theodore are these animals


Federal parliament of germany


Capital of latveria in the marvel universe


Orange rust that appears on iron and steel


Famous baking show judge paul


Book genre of real-life murders and mysteries

True  crime

Toy egg that can hatch an animatronic pet


Type of pulled taffy from atlantic city, nj

Salt  water

Toy egg that can hatch a fuzzy robotic pet


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