Codycross Comics Group 1069 Puzzle 3

Comics Group 1069 Puzzle 3 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1069 Puzzle 3 of Comics? Here you have the answers:

Delicate, fragile


International scholarship to uk universities


To change to a lower gear in a manual car


Star trek captains reported to this space force


A video game world entirely made of blocks


Sweet treats on sticks; anagram of spill pool


Portrait painter of the restoration period

Peter  lely

Large order of scaled reptiles, including snakes


1977 radio transmission possibly sent by aliens

Wow  signal

The age before one can vote in the us or uk


Jump on the __, join in with the latest trend


Uss enterprise ncc-1701, or millennium falcon


Unrealistic idea that comes from a tube?

Pipe  dream

Big sales on december 26

Boxing  day

Creating a wi-fi hotspot from a mobile device


Adopted son of superman

Chris  kent

Pool of players that a football coach selects from

Squad  list

Best international male accolade won by jt in 2004

Brit  award

Ronald reagan’s favourite candy of various colours


A city in iowa; also a defunct sofa manufacturer


Ticket bought for travel to and from a destination

Round  trip

Album and song by the all-american rejects

Move  along

Stories say she sewed the first us flag

Betsy  ross

A year before voting age in the us or uk


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