Codycross California Group 1158 Puzzle 1

California Group 1158 Puzzle 1 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1158 Puzzle 1 of California? Here you have the answers:

The chemical element pu


Lowest women’s voice, close to countertenor


Team of tech and computer experts

It  support

Digging machine that removes debris from holes


Charlie chaplin film, or type of stage lighting


An easy win, foregone conclusion

No  contest

Person who consumes a large meal at a lavish party


Author who wrote about giant peaches and foxes

Roald  dahl

The chinese wonder that is 13,171 miles long

Great  wall

Women who married ww2 servicemen from overseas

War  brides

Word or phrase peculiar to british english


F1 car fault that defies a driver when turning


Berlin-based stylenite fashion designer


__ skarsgard plays villain randall flagg


Painkiller given by a dentist


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