Codycross California Group 1152 Puzzle 1

California Group 1152 Puzzle 1 Answers

Are you trapped in Group 1152 Puzzle 1 of California? Here you have the answers:

__ article, the not uncertain part of speech


Italian city home to michelangelo’s david


The angkor temple complex is in this asian country


Find a way to have a robot do a job


A state of disorder, one’s life might be in them


Caught a lite sneeze and cornflake girl singer

Tori  amos

Wear a fluffy one after getting out of the shower


Person in charge of a town or region


Demented and deranged


Yann martel novel about a young man and a big cat

Life  of  pi

Broadcast, live on television or radio

On  the  air

Xenon, helium or neon are each this

Noble  gas

One’s own written accounts of day-to-day events


Square soda crackers that ease a sick stomach


Bovine-sounding catfish


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