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Codycross Answers

Planet earth
Groups 1 to 20

Under the sea
Groups 21 to 40

Groups 41 to 60

Groups 61 to 80

Groups 81 to 100

Groups 101 to 120

Culinary arts
Groups 121 to 140

Groups 141 to 160

Fauna and flora
Groups 161 to 180

Ancient egypt
Groups 181 to 200

Amusement park
Groups 201 to 220

Medieval times
Groups 221 to 240

Groups 241 to 260

Groups 261 to 280

Groups 281 to 300

Science lab
Groups 301 to 320

The 70s
Groups 321 to 340

Pet shop
Groups 341 to 360

New york new york
Groups 361 to 380

Popcorn time
Groups 381 to 400

La bella roma
Groups 401 to 420

Wild west
Groups 421 to 440

Groups 441 to 460

Groups 461 to 480

Groups 481 to 500

Department store
Groups 501 to 520

Fashion show
Groups 521 to 540

Groups 541 to 560

Welcome to japan
Groups 561 to 580

Concert hall
Groups 581 to 600

Tv station
Groups 601 to 620

Home sweet home
Groups 621 to 640

Cruise ship
Groups 641 to 660

Groups 661 to 680

Small world
Groups 681 to 700

Train travel
Groups 701 to 720

Art museum
Groups 721 to 740

Water park
Groups 741 to 760

Brazilian tour
Groups 761 to 780

The 80s
Groups 781 to 800

Spa time
Groups 801 to 820

Campsite adventures
Groups 821 to 840

Trip to spain
Groups 841 to 860

Fantasy World
Groups 861 to 880

Performing Arts
Groups 881 to 900

Space Exploration
Groups 901 to 920

Student Life
Groups 921 to 940

Groups 941 to 960

Groups 961 to 980

Futuristic City
Groups 981 to 1000

Groups 1001 to 1020

Treasure Island
Groups 1021 to 1040

Tracking Time
Groups 1041 to 1060

Groups 1061 to 1080

A Sweet Life
Groups 1081 to 1100

House of Horrors
Groups 1101 to 1120

The 90s
Groups 1121 to 1140

Groups 1141 to 1160

Architectural Styles
Groups 1161 to 1180

CodyCross’ Spaceship
Groups 1181 to 1200

Groups 1201 to 1220

Working From Home
Groups 1221 to 1240

Groups 1241 to 1260

Groups 1261 to 1280

All Things Water
Groups 1281 to 1300

Street Fair
Groups 1301 to 1320

Groups 1321 to 1340

World of Sounds
Groups 1341 to 1360

Groups 1361 to 1380

Groups 1381 to 1400

Groups 1401 to 1420

Botanical Garden
Groups 1421 to 1440

Past and Present Tech
Groups 1441 to 1460

Sense of Smell
Groups 1461 to 1480

If you’re stuck because you can’t find the answers in the game, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right page, we’re here to help.

Codycross is an incredible game with millions of downloads and one of the best word games in the market.

Here we will answer some of the most common questions that users usually ask.

What kind of game is Codycross?

Codycross is a fun and exciting word game with countless crossword puzzles separated by worlds and groups. Each world has more than 25 groups of 5 puzzles each.

Some of the game worlds are Planet Earth, Under the Ocean, Inventions, Seasons, Circus, Transportation, etc. …..

Are the solutions or answers of the different levels difficult?

The difficulty increases as you progress through the levels of the game.

What is the interface and history of the Codycross game?

I think it is the most beautiful interface I have seen in a game like this. There is also a story behind it, because the game starts with an alien who arrives on planet Earth and doesn’t know anything, so you have to help the alien to know the Earth by solving the puzzles.

It is also a journey through time, discovering our history and the achievements of mankind.

Besides, all the screens in the game are very well made and show good images.

Can I play if I don’t have Internet?

Absolutely. The game is also available without internet connection. So you can play anywhere, anytime.

Is the game intended for adults or children?

In the application, you can choose the difficulty level of the game for everyone. There are 3 levels, difficult, easy and childish. Choose yours and enjoy the game.

Codycross Answers

Do word games help our brains?

Of course, not only do you have fun and enjoy the game, but every time you play Codycross, you test your language and memory skills. So, with the game, you learn and it helps you improve your mental skills.

Here we give you online all the answers, solutions and cheats of the funniest word game and crossword app we know.

If a friend has not yet downloaded the game, we leave you the links to download it both in Android and for Ios. Download completely free.

We recommend that you keep the game always updated to enjoy the latest levels that are added and have all the information up to date.

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